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Need help maximizing the value of your Splunk environment?

A Splunk Managed Services tool from TekStream


TekStream has devoted thousands of hours to managing and optimizing hundreds of Splunk instances for our clients. From that experience, we've gained invaluable insight into the key determinants of performance and learned how to maximize their Splunk investments. We know what to look for, how to sort and view key metrics, and how to apply best practices for ongoing operations.

With that knowledge, TekStream developed Spyglass for Splunk MSP. Spyglass is our proprietary tool developed to optimize our Managed Services offerings. With Spyglass, we improve the value of our clients' Splunk implementations by as much as 75% and we're delivering real-time insights within minutes of activation.

How? The Spyglass app gives TekStream's Certified Splunk engineers greater visibility and control to quickly evaluate and manage 4 critical performance categories:

1. Search-head value (how users are running searches)

2. Data quality

3. Monitoring and reporting on ingestion activity

4. The overall health of your Splunk instances

Spyglass performs dozens of functions. In this video we'll highlight a few of the most important ones for improving system performance:

1. Top Indexes & Source Types: Alerts tell us when critical source types have stopped indexing and provide vital information so we can more quickly research and resolve issues.

2. Search Audit: Searches that unnecessarily tie up bandwidth and affect network value are quickly identified. We give you the control to proactively restrict data sets by user authorization levels to eliminate non-performant searches.

3. User Audiences: Segment your data ingestion into groups, such as departments, and report on daily ingestion levels against defined quotas.

4. Search Value Reports: Report on average weekly search times and identify those in the 90th percentile for investigation. And our Top 10 Worst Performing Searches report pinpoints where to take immediate action to improve search effectiveness.

Spyglass is a powerful tool that enables TekStream to deliver improved operational performance and better financial management of licenses for our Splunk Managed Services clients.

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