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Oracle Cloud Migration Series:

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Hi, I'm Cam Coulson, the Managing Director for Oracle here at TekStream. Today I'm going to cover in about 10-minute, quick video, five reasons why licensing is cheaper on Oracle Cloud. We're going to talk through a bunch of the different areas where […] customers are choosing it, and why it ends up being more affordable for them.

So, if you are making the move, why choose TekStream? We've been one of America's fastest growing companies for the past six years running. So, we are a company on the move. And we really help organizations with their digital transformation journey. I mentioned the software piece of it again – this is really important – at no charge to you. TekStream is going to help you to look at your existing Oracle install from a software perspective and reconfigure things to make sure they're as affordable as possible. We can also help you to look at cloud infrastructure and give you a third-party opinion and make sure you're not overpaying for your consumption on Oracle Cloud. We have implementation services to help make sure that that transition moves smoothly and easily to the new platform. And we also provide support to customers after they've made the transition to the Oracle Cloud. We're actually part of their Cloud Support Service Provider Program, which means that we've gone through extensive audits done by a third-party and by Oracle to make sure that we really understand their cloud at a deep level. We are SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified, and we also provide sourcing help. So, if you're looking for staff to help run it, instead of an MSP provider, we can help with that as well. So really, we can help you with everything from redo everything and install it to we will help you to hire the people. And you can do it yourself and everything in between which is where most customers fall.

I've included my contact information below. I really appreciate you taking some time with me today, I would love to speak with you a little bit more about how we've helped other organizations to make this cloud journey and how we can help do the same for you. Please watch the other videos in this series. We'd love to show you how quick and easy it is to move to the cloud with our quick 10-minute demo that shows you a customer moving their JDE environment to the Oracle Cloud. Thank you and have a great day.

  1. So, number one, Oracle lets you break the rules on Oracle Cloud. For bring your own license, you can deploy twice as much compute to the same number of licenses on their cloud as you would on another cloud. You can run VMware and not worry about compliance in certain situations on the Oracle Cloud that we can help you to understand. And you can only run Oracle RAC on Oracle. So, there are a number of rules that Oracle allows you to break on their cloud that you can't do on other platforms.
  2. Two, support rewards. Oracle recently announced a rebate on your support renewal. So, this is your on-prem, existing Oracle Support renewal. If you subscribe to Oracle Cloud, they will give you a rebate of up to 25% off your existing support on-premise to essentially incent you to choose your cloud. So, they'll drop their support, which is generally a pretty difficult thing to get them to do. So, a real benefit there.
  3. You can avoid audits and poor performance. So, Oracle is generally not auditing Cloud customers. Obviously, there's always exceptions to every rule, but because you've invested in their cloud, in those cases, it's highly unlikely you're going to get audited if you're on that. And you also get higher performance on Oracle. Because they use the newest hardware for their system, you may be able to deploy your environment with fewer boxes, given that you're getting better performance than older hardware that you might have deployed on-prem today.
  4. Four, the Oracle Cloud includes a lot of extras. So, in the past things like tuning pack, diagnostic pack, advanced security, some of these elements were very expensive to add on. There are now bundles available in the Oracle Cloud that allows you to add these on at a lower price. So, you know, it still may not be something that you want to do. But certainly, you've got some options that are more affordable than you had in the past access these additional add-ons to database that are available in the market.
  5. Finally, number five, TekStream can really help you to drop costs. We’ve got decades of experience helping customers to lower their overall support renewal, and we can translate that into Cloud language for you. There's all kinds of unwritten rules that Oracle has. There's all kinds of loopholes and different areas where we can help you to understand how you can make sure you supercharge your cloud journey, and really maximize all of the different tips and tricks to take advantage of the savings that are available on Cloud. We'd love to talk to you more about this, and certainly, I'll provide you contact information at the end if you want to reach out around it.
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No Charge Migrations: TekStream has a close relationship with Oracle and is able to secure funding to help organizations migrate to their cloud at no cost. We can discuss the options with you and determine the best program to use to help you make the move in a way that makes financial sense.