Benefits of an MDR service from Splunk's 2021 Partner of the Year in two areas:

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Deploying an Effective MDR Program:

The Triple Play

A webinar with TekStream, Splunk, and CrowdStrike

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Watch the On-Demand Webinar

The sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks are increasing. If you're a cybersecurity professional, you already know this — and you know that your concerns don't stop there. On top of proliferating threats, you must also contend with a viciously competitive (and scarce) job market and tightening budgets that make your job more difficult than ever.

In our webinar with security experts from Splunk and CrowdStrike, we address how our triple-play approach brings together the best and most powerful capabilities of Splunk SIEM/SOAR solution and CrowdStrike's endpoint protection and response solution into TekStream's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. 

  • Splunk Cloud-first security solution
  • Best-in-class endpoint detection and response
  • Closed-loop operations
  • Automated
  • Collaborative
  • 82% of organizations saw increased cybersecurity risk in 2021 - were you one of them?