Intelligent Document Processing

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Organizations accumulate a massive variety of documents, images, files, invoices – even handwritten notes. Managing and accessing these documents is a huge challenge – its time consuming and sometimes, just impossible.

Advances like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have transformed how organizations can intelligently manage any type of document. AWS captures the power of AI and ML in its market-leading solution, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). TekStream partners with AWS and helps clients install and operate the solution.

Applying IDP, a TekStream client saves over 32,000 labor hours per year. That’s over $1.2 million in annual cost savings!

Unlock the value from your unstructured data. Join TekStream and AWS as we help you navigate IDP and outline a road map for how to get started.

Best Practices to Unlock More Value from Unstructured Data


Troy Allen

VP of Cloud Services, TekStream

Stephanie Pace

Partner Principal for AI/ML, AWS

  • How IDP manages unstructured data with AI/ML
  • How IDP can work for you
  • Best practices to get started
  • How to get our introductory offer!

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