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Hi, I'm Cam Coulson. I'm the Managing Director for Oracle here at TekStream. I'd like to welcome you to Five Reasons that Customers Are Choosing the Oracle Cloud. I'm going to spend 10 minutes walking you quickly through five reasons why we see customers choosing the Oracle Cloud.

So why TekStream? You’ve chosen the Oracle Cloud, why work with TekStream around this? Well, our organization has been one of America's fastest-growing companies for the past six years running. We work with all kinds of different organizations in all different industries, in public and private sector. We're really focused around helping you to choose the right software, the right subscriptions to your cloud, help you to implement it, make sure that it works very well for you in that system, and then finally help to support that system. So, help to make sure that you've got someone to call if you need it. And those can be different levels of support; [it] could be everything from [managing] the entire environment to [helping] you to hire the people to help manage that environment. So really everything from one side of the spectrum to the other. We are SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified. And as I mentioned, we can help you find staff who specialize in this technology.

Really appreciate you taking a couple minutes out of your day to listen to me. If there are any questions, please reach out at the contact information below. I'd love to speak with you and see if we can help you to examine Oracle as part of your cloud journey. Thank you, and have a great day.

  1. First reason is licensing costs. It costs about half as much to run Oracle licenses on the Oracle Cloud. This is traditional on-prem licenses running on OCI. You can also run management packs and other items that you can't run and couldn't afford before on this new platform, as […] they're more affordable. There [are] unique backup options that can save you money on licensing. And, for the first time, there's really some VMWare options that actually work for VMWare customers.
  2. Number two is performance advantages. Oracle systems have been optimized to run Oracle. They have lots of different levels of autonomous management of their cloud. And it was really built from the ground up to be a new, next-generation cloud. They took all of the people from all of the other clouds and invested in a new cloud that took all the best practices and made sure [it] was running on the most current hardware, and the fastest for customers.
  3. User migration. TekStream can really make this migration simple and easy. We leverage tools like RackWare that can be purchased from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to quickly and easily move the workloads from on-premise or another cloud to oracle. Moving Oracle workloads to Oracle can avoid any technical hiccups that might occur if you're moving it to another platform.
  4. Cloud costs. When you compare Oracle to Azure or AWS, most organizations find that Oracle is actually competitive, and in many cases actually cheaper than those other third-party clouds. We can do a cost comparison to help demonstrate this and Oracle's recently adjusted and continues to adjust prices to make sure that they're competitive.
  5. The Oracle Cloud has more robust PaaS and SaaS offerings. So, one of the things that Oracle kind of uniquely brings to the table is the fact that they have this Fusion ERP and NetSuite. There's also a whole bunch of other services that complement the infrastructure services and provide content management, HR, workflow, marketing, BI, data warehousing, and all kinds of other capabilities that other clouds just don't provide as a native service, they only provide it through third-party ISPs. So really robust PaaS and SaaS offerings [are other] things that the cloud brings.
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